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What are Behaviour Based Interviews?

Behaviour Based Interviews are structured interviews that are meant to assess individuals or candidates through a standardized process. These are designed to assess how well the individual or candidate will perform at work. The basis of the Behaviour Based Interview is dependent on the principle that past behaviour is a good predictor for future performance.

In traditional interviews, the interviewer usually asks open-ended questions based on information that is usually collected at other stages of the recruitment process. The information provided by the candidates will be more subjective and difficult to interpret consistently, allowing for a range of biases to influence decision making.

With Behaviour Based Interviews, the interview format is usually in a structured format, meaning that all the interviewees undergo the same questions in a similar manner. In addition, the questions are phrased in a manner so as to prompt the candidates to provide responses about specific examples of their past behaviour. This makes interpretations and comparsions between individuals and candidates more meaningful.

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