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Why can I not find the course I am interested in?

PsyAsia lists all currently published course dates at

If the course you are interested in is not listed there then it is not currently scheduled to run publicly.  We can offer you the option of in-house training though. In this case we come to you and run the training for your team. Also, if you have a small team of say 4+ interested individuals, we may work with you to set dates for a future public course.

If the course you are interested in was previously advertised for a date which is later than the current date and the course is no longer listed at this is probably because it is fully booked.  We usually remove fully booked courses within a day or two of them becoming full.

If you wish to register for online independent training in psychometrics with flexible start dates, you may register at:

Should you have any further queries about our courses, kindly contact us.