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How much commission can I earn as a PsyAsia Affiliate?

We start all affiliates on 5% commission, subject to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for payment release and for services which attract commission.

Commission rates increase with sales volume. These rates are not publically available, but we will share them with you when you apply to become a PsyAsia Affiliate.

The way this works is that in January and July of each year, we review your sales for the previous 6 months. Your Affiliate commission for the NEXT 6 months will be commensurate with your sales performance during the previous 6 month period. Our Affiliates Commission Level Document lists average monthly sales over the 6 month review period. If you join us mid-cycle, your review will be pro-rated so that we still have an average monthly sales volume to use in the assessment of commission for the next cycle. Minimum commission will never be less than 5%.

To keep our system lean, thank you for understanding that from time-to-time we may remove Affiliates who have had no sales for a substantial period of time (i.e., at least one year).