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What are the benefits of Job Analysis?

A thorough and competently conducted job analysis has a number of benefits for the human resource cycle and the organization as a whole:

 HR Planning
-Provides essential information for management before making organizational decisions
-Show actual number and nature of jobs within the company
-Create precise job descriptions
-Bring the specifics of a position in focus
-Determine relative worth of each position and its appropriate class
-Maintain the competitiveness of the company in the market

Setting & Monitoring Performance Standards
-Establish a job’s specific activities and performance standards
-Carry out objective performance appraisals
-Combine responsibilities into logical job groups
-Identify major job responsibilities for inclusion in a performance management system

Compensations & Benefits
-Evaluate and establish appropriate levels of compensation based on job value
-Develop compensation programmes based on different skill levels
-Create an obvious effect in motivating employees

Recruitment & Selection
-Establish relevant standards and requirements for personnel selection purposes
-Locate suitable pool of candidates for recruit and hire
-Develop unbiased interview questions
-Get rid of unnecessary tasks and positions
-Know what should be done for the job

-Expose skills that require by various jobs
-Define contents of training programmes
-Identify health and safety hazards and working conditions that require special training

Credit: Adapted from Dr. Tyler’s MSc in HRM class, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Group 2, 2006.