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How do I pay for a PsyAsia course?

Date-based Courses

Date-based courses refers to any course which has a start date

Please register for date-based courses here.

Payment Methods
During the online booking process, you will be provided with payment options. For most courses these are credit card and offline payment. Offline payment means that you will be sent our bank details in a pdf invoice and should pay via bank transfer (or ATM in Singapore and Hong Kong) by the due date.

For Singapore courses, we also offer payment via the Government’s e-Vendor System. In this case, please select “offline payment” and then specify the business unit that you wish us to invoice in the e-Vendor box provided. We allow 30 day payment terms for Singapore Government, even on discounted tickets as a gesture goodwill. Other ticket terms remain the same.

Clients in Singapore who interact with our Singapore Company will be billed in SGD with payment due to our DBS Singapore account. Clients in Hong Kong will be billed in HKD with payment due to our Hong Kong HSBC account. International clients and most clients who register for online courses are charged in USD with payment due to our HSBC Hong Kong account except where the online course is managed by our Singapore office, in which case payment should be made in SGD to our Singapore bank account. Where Singapore Government registers for online courses handled by our HK office, they may pay in USD to our HK bank account (including ALL bank fees), or we will convert the fee due to SGD using on the day we are asked for a quotation and invoice via GEBIZ/ The fee quoted will remain valid for up to one month. All bank fees must be paid by the client so that we receive the full amount stated on the invoice.

Rack Rates versus discounted rates
For all discounted tickets (tickets where you enter a code to receive a discount), payment is due within 1-7 days (depending on ticket type). If paying via credit card you will make payment immediately, so there is nothing to worry about. If making an “offline payment”, do kindly ensure you pay in full within the deadline noted at registration and on your invoice to ensure you retain any and all discounts that may have been applied. Please note that the rack rate, full non-discounted course fee will apply should you require longer to pay. In such cases. you should select the RACK RATE ticket during course registration. If you select a discounted ticket and do not pay by the deadline, the Rack Rate will be applied to your booking, plus an administration fee of 10% of the Rack Rate fee. We are strict with payment lead time for our discounted tickets because we only offer a certain number of discounts per course. By holding a discount open to somebody who does not pay on time, we are preventing others who would sign up with a discount from doing so. Thank you for your understanding.

For clients who make a confirmed booking on this site but decide before payment to withdraw their place (not pay), an admin/withdrawal fee of 10% of the invoiced amount will apply. Please do not make any booking unless you have confirmed funds and approval to attend.

Registration on behalf of others
If you register on behalf of somebody else, kindly ensure you provide us with their contact details in order to ensure that they receive vital joining information and pre-course work (where required) before the course.

Independent Mode of Learning Courses #

Please register for Independent Learning courses here.

During the registration process, you will be asked if paying by credit card or bank transfer/offline means.

For credit card payment, you will pay immediately and we will enable your course access within one business day.

If paying by bank transfer, we will issue an invoice within one business day of registration. Kindly ensure we receive payment in full within 7 days of registration to retain any discounts. After 7 days, the amount due will be the non-discounted amount.

Thank you and we look forward to having you on our courses.