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Can I order any Psychometric Test after I complete the Psychometrics for HR Decisions Course?

After you attend and pass the course, you may order use any of the aptitude and personality assessments in the Psychometric Portal, as well as the 360 performance appraisal and culture & engagement modules. You may also use the Identity Personality Questionnaire after a little additional training and quiz. These are all tests that PsyAsia International / supports.

If you wish to purchase and use tests outside of PsyAsia International, we recommend you check with that test publisher or distributor first to see if they will accept the certification that we provide. As mentioned in other articles, PsyAsia International’s lead psychologist is highly experienced and respected in psychometrics and he has facilitated the internationally recognised BPS Level 1 & 2 Certifications both online and offline for more than 20 years. As a more complex qualification, you may find a wider acceptance than for our more basic Psychometrics for HR Decisions Course. However, given than many test distributors do not ask for training and certification, then this certification will stand you above many and in a good position to understand any test you use, along with the test’s limitations and how to use the information you collect from your respondent in decision-making.