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My candidate wants to know why we use Psychometric Tests – what should I say?

Psychometric tests are used for several reasons. By using a psychometric test you are ensuring that the quality of the test is good. A psychometric test is developed based on facts and figures. It is designed to produce a quantitative assessment of psychological attributes. All good psychometric tests are administered, scored and interpreted in a standardised manner. This ensures that all participants are treated in the same way and effective comparisons between candidate scores can be carried out. By using a psychometric test you will increase the reliability and validity of your assessment process. The tests are used to provide organisations with a better understanding of a candidate’s job performance. They can be used in areas such as selection, development and training. Established psychometric tests (e.g. Identity self-perception questionnaire or Swift Analysis Aptitude) can be used to predict job performance. Psychometric tests ensure objectivity, standardisation and minimize discrimination.  Tests are used to assist in making vital decisions within organisations; therefore it is important that they provide a realistic insight to candidate’s job performance.

In responding to your candidate’s question you’ll probably want to keep things simple.  So, we suggest you say something like

“Psychometric Tests have been shown to predict good performers in our organisation.  Using these assessments increases the reliability, validity and fairness of our assessment procedure.  However, we never make a decision on the basis of test results alone.  We will take into account all information we hold about you.”

You may also wish to refer your candidates to our Psychometric Test Candidate Page.