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Does PsyAsia offer training or certification for the 16PF?

Level 2: Personality of our Psychometric Assessment at Work Course focuses on the Identity Questionnaire. Delegates will also have exposure to a range of other personality assessments, including the Quest Profiler®, the OPQ, the MBTI and the 16PF.  After attending our course, you should be able to purchase the 16PF from IPAT in the USA, whilst the UK distributor will most likely ask you to do a one day conversion course. We suggest you contact them to double check. Advise them that you will hold the British Psychological Society Level 1 & 2 RQTU. However, as with most delegates, you’ll probably see during the course just how good the properties of the other tests we offer are and you will be qualified to order most of those from us.

Successful delegates can apply for the British Psychological Society RQTU Certification and Euro Test User Certificate. This means you would be qualified to order both ability and personality tests from a large number of test publishers and not just ourselves.

16PF is a registered trademark of The Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc.
MBTI is a registered trademark of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust.
OPQ is a registered trademark of Saville & Holdsworth Limited.