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Which Psychometric Tests does PsyAsia offer?

PsyAsia International offers the world’s best psychometric tests.

-We offer the Psychometric Portal Aptitude Test range as it is clear that this range provides the one of the most up-to-date and robust assessments of aptitude for the 21st century.

-For personality assessment, we again offer an assessment from the Psychometric Portal®, the Quest Profiler®, a highly valid and reliable personality assessment which was designed by a team of chartered psychologists in the UK.

-We also offer the Identity® Self-Perception Questionnaire. This is also designed by organisational psychologists in the UK who also design tests for SHL! This personality assessment is easy to use and has a high level of validity – in fact, often higher than aptitude tests. The validity research conducted with this tool used 360 degree performance appraisal data – often seen as a superior form of data given that ratings come from multiple sources.

-Finally, we offer the Apollo Profile. This test has a norm database of well over 80,000 individuals from across Asia and Australia. Unlike other normative personality assessments which compare a candidate with the average score of similar others, the Apollo Profile compares a candidate’s score with excellence as rated by supervisory staff in a number of difference industries and job roles. This assessment has undergone years of development and validation by Management Consultant Mr. Jim Bowden and Psychometrician, Prof. Richard Hicks.

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