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Do my staff need to be qualified to administer psychometric tests? If so, why?

Yes, it is necessary for anyone to be qualified when administering a psychometric test. Qualification is needed to fully understand and achieve a level of competency needed to gain the most out of the test. Specific understanding about the tests, being aware of any questions which candidates might have during the session and a development of practical skills is needed to become a competent test administrator. Understanding basic psychometric principles and the procedures required in best practice (such as preparation, introduction, and fair testing) is critical to a successful test session.

Qualification through training also ensures that standardisation in the testing environment is achieved.  In order to understand the test’s purpose, the meaning of the test scores and how norms are used in test construction, training needs to be undertaken. The administrator should provide the candidate with accurate and fair information during the session, and this can only happen if the administrator has been properly trained.

An individual who is not qualified to administer a test will not have the basic competency in the technical issues required and will not gain the most out of the test. This will result in the test being invalid as specific instructions will not be followed and a fair comparison between candidates will become impossible.

PsyAsia International offers online and in-person psychometric test administration training which provides individuals with an understanding of test administration of personality and ability tests. After the course, candidates will be qualified to administer tests offered by PsyAsia.