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What is job analysis?

Job analysis is “the process of examining a job in detail in order to identify its component tasks. The detail and approach may vary according to the purpose for which the job is being analyzed”.

Thorough and competent job analysis is essential to ensure that all parts of the Human Resource Cycle to which job analysis contributes are effective.  For example, one cannot properly write a job description or put together a competency profile without having first analysed the job. It’s difficult to know which assessments to use in selection without job analysis data. Performance appraisal (if done properly) relies on a good knowledge of job requirements and what it takes to succeed and this of course is the basis of the job analysis.

Too few people however know how to conduct a job analysis properly.  If calling on external consultants, it can be costly. However, it is important to keep in mind the high cost of hiring mistakes and so forth that will occur as a result of no or misinformed job analysis being conducted.