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Do I need to use a laptop for the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course?

If you do have access to a laptop, we strongly suggest you bring it with you on the 4th day of the course as this will save you time in the evening! If you are completing our online psychometric training, then yes, you will need a PC or a laptop to access the materials!

Also, kindly note the following in relation to your course workbook and technology:

In order to qualify for the BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU certificates, delegates complete workbooks (along with practical assessments).  The workbooks are rather lengthy and do require a fair amount of writing from the delegate to demonstrate their competence. The standard required of responses to workbook questions has been set by the British Psychological Society.

PsyAsia International will accept your workbook submission either in pen or printed form. If you do not like writing it is a good idea for you to have access to a laptop during the in-person course. You do not need to bring it with you each day, but will benefit from being able to use it in the evening. Please note that should you decide to use a laptop, you will need to print out your response and place it in the workbook at the relevant page. When pasted in the workbook, the response must not obscure the question itself – or, you will need to type out the question in full as well as your response. Some delegates have used software to insert responses into a pdf version of our workbook. These are all acceptable methods of submission provided you do not change the structure of the workbook (questions must remain on the same pages etc.). Kindly note that PsyAsia International is not responsible for undertaking any of the above on behalf of students. As a student on the course, it is up to you to decide which method to use and then arrange your work accordingly (much like if you were attending a course at University). We are not permitted to organise your work, convert it to pdf and so on. Your workbook must be entirely your own submission. To this end, we recommend that you think ahead having reviewed the requirements and do not leave everything to the last minute. Finally, please be advised that if you decide to write in your workbook, it must be legible and easy to read. If not, you will be asked to redo the entire workbook.