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Deadlines, remarking & additional fees for psychometric accreditation courses

BPS Level 1 & 2 #

During the course, we will set deadlines for completion of various sections of the course workbook. Delegates should aim to have completed the entire workbook by the end of the course. The exact date will vary depending on which mode of the course you are undertaking:

In-person: Deadline usually one month post-course
Online Independent: Deadline always 90-days following start of each Level
Online Supported Intake: Dates provided at start of course in timetable

Remarking #

If your work is not up to the required standard, we will ask you to make edits/corrections. There may be a fee for remarking your work. If there a just a few incorrect responses and your original submission was generally well done, we are unlikely to charge provided you return the edited questions to us within a few days. Note that you should be able to do this even if you are “out-of-town” or don’t have your notes etc., because this is a competency based course and you should, by the time you submit your portfolio, already have, and be able to display, these competencies without needing to be at your home location or needing to consult notes etc. You will still have access to all course materials in the Online Learning Centre as your access does not expire until you pass the course.

We keep our course fees as low as we can and rather than charging everybody for a remark within the course fee when typically only small numbers of people require this, we charge only those who require more extensive remarking. The fee varies depending on the exercise that requires remarking and quality of original submission. The average fees are between US$100-250. We prefer not to have to remark your work, so the fee is not there to maximise our profits. In fact, the fee is a small contribution towards our time, rather than actual payment in full for our time!! Do note however most people do not pay for remarking. It varies per course, but on average around 2 people in every 10 pay for remarking.

Deadlines #

If you do not meet the deadline for your work, you may pay a fee to extend the deadline once.  The person who marks your work would already have set aside time to mark your work. Hence, if you miss this, the marker needs to reorganise his schedule and take more time out to mark your late work. Additionally, we know that those who complete the workbook sooner, always do better!

The fee for late submission of your portfolio of work is equivalent to US$250. You will need to pay the fee on or before the original deadline to remain current on the course.  Note that the fee entitles you to a ONE MONTH extension.  If you subsequently fail to meet this deadline, we will usually ask you to repeat the course (at the current fee minus 30%). This is because we need to be sure that when we sign you off as competent, you are currently competent. If your work is more than 2 months late, it is some time since you undertook your original course and practical assessments and we cannot be certain that you are currently competent in all areas.

All other psychometric accreditation Courses #

The majority of delegates will become accredited during the course itself. However, from time to time, delegates will be asked to undertake some additional work in order to progress their accreditation in a particular psychometric test. Usually this work would take the form of a recorded feedback session. The video recording from the session should be made available to your assessor by the date agreed and the assessor will apply a fee for the viewing and re-assessment of this video. At the current time, that fee is equivalent to US$250 but is subject to change. If you do not pass this re-assessment, it is highly recommended that you re-attend the course in order to ensure full learning. However, your assessor may agree with you that you may undertake one final feedback session and a further remarking fee will apply.