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How do I purchase a Psychometric Test?

Psychometric tests are useful tools in workplace recruitment, selection and development, but only so when used responsibly by qualified users. PsyAsia International abides by strict codes of professional and ethical practice that regulate the sale of our test products. The qualification required for use of each psychometric assessment at this site can be found on the specific test page.

PsyAsia conducts both certification and non-certification training courses lasting between 2-6 days that provide delegates with the required competencies to use one or more of our tests. In cases where you need to use a test immediately but have no trained user available, PsyAsia’s Organisational Psychologists can run the assessment and feedback process for you.

If you are qualified to purchase the ability and/or personality tests at this site, please use our live chat or telephone your order to us. Qualified users also have the option of an online psychometric assessment account that enables administration, scoring and reporting of all tests via the internet. Please contact us for further details on ordering, training and running assessments.