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Infectious diseases preparedness plan

Believe it or not, the following was originally published on 18 May, 2009. With COVID-19, we are glad we had thought ahead as did our local Governments.

PsyAsia International is pleased to advise that our business continuity is fully protected against the potential effects of various infectious diseases including H1N1, H5N1 (and now COVID-19).

Should an epidemic break out at or around the time of public training courses or scheduled training and consultancy with clients, PsyAsia will work upon the advice of the local government in deciding whether or not to implement the preparedness plan.  Where this proves necessary, the plan will be implemented as follows:

-All face-to-face meetings with clients will be temporarily suspended. We can however immediately instigate online meetings and videoconferencing through various software that we have already licensed.

-All unstarted onsite Consulting work will also be temporarily suspended.  However, for work that can be completed at a distance, we shall continue to work to the same high standards and delivery timescale. 

-Where onsite work has commenced, we shall discuss the action plan with the client.

-For public and in-house training courses, we will revert to a live online teaching methodology and cover exactly the same course material over exactly the same timescale.  Delegates will hear the voice of the original facilitator and will see the regular presentation slides appear on their screen.  The delegate will require access to an internet connected computer with at least incoming sound.  For best results, they should have a USB microphone/headset and preferably a videocam.  In case the delegate is unable to source these materials in a short period of time, the online training will be recorded and the delegate will be given exclusive access to this material when they are ready.  Where delegates need to be assessed, this may happen within the online course by way of 2-way webcam if possible.  If not, the delegate will be asked to either submit a webcam recording to be assessed by us or they will be asked to come to us for assessment at a later stage. 

-In-house clients kindly note that your staff will be able to log-in from any internet enabled computer so they need not come in to the office to take the online training. 

Kindly note that the above are brief announcements of our preparedness plan.  They are subject to change based on possible circumstances.  Moreover, there is only a small likelihood of this plan being put into action.  It is however wise to be prepared and to ensure that our valued clients and delegates are aware of how we will respond should we need to do so.  Our plan ensures that for the most part, it will be business as usual at PsyAsia – the only major difference will be that clients will see our consultants on their computer screens rather than face-to-face!