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What if I miss deadlines during the BPS Level 1 & 2 Course?

If you are undertaking our Extended Mode Supported Course, it is important to note that our Psychologist and probably your co-students will usually only respond to questions and discussions of the current week. We do not penalize you for not participating in discussions or watching the videos later than planned, but, you will probably not receive the full benefit of the Supported Mode if you miss too many weekly deadlines and, for this reason, we may suggest you move to the Independent Mode of Learning if you fall too far behind.

For those in our Express Supported Mode it is best only to register for the course if you are able to make all day, every day for the 6 days of the course. Please check timings in your locality prior to registration.

For both Supported Modes above, please keep in mind that some practice exercises rely on you working with other students. If you are not able to undertake adequate preparation, you may affect their work as well as you own.

For those in the Independent Study Mode, there are no deadlines except the 90-day enrollment deadline for each Level if you are in our pay up-front plan. You will also need to adhere to any remarking deadlines we give you.

For all students, late submission of the Portfolio will result in the requirement to pay an extension fee. We do this because we want to motivate you to submit as soon as your learning is complete rather than forget the content and then rush the workbook completion! We also need to ensure that we assess you within a certain period of time in order to comply with recency of assessment rules for the qualification. Kindly not that we can only allow one extension per Level for the same reason.