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What happens at a Neuropsychological Assessment?

Initially, you will have a chat with the Clinical Neuropsychologist to obtain detailed history of the presenting problem, as well as your background functioning. This is referred to as a clinical interview and typically lasts 45 minutes. You will then be asked to undertake computer and/or paper-based assessments which tap into your cognitive skills such as attention, memory, speed of processing, language and executive functioning. The aforementioned will be used alongside any imaging you have such as MRI, CT, X-ray and your pharmacological/medical histories to assist your medical team in the diagnosis of any brain problems you face. Clinical Neuropsychologists are nice friendly people who enter this career because they like helping people, so there is no need to worry about your assessment. Simply remember to relax, have a good sleep and breakfast beforehand, and do your best. Feel free to ask questions at any stage.