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Will I be qualified to order assessment centre exercises after the Assessment & Development Centre Course?

At the end of the Assessment & Development Centre Training Course there is a competency exam which is untimed, but usually takes 60-90 minutes to complete.  Delegates who pass this exam will be awarded a “Certificate of Competence”. This certificate is signed by one of PsyAsia’s directors who has a PhD in Psychology and is a fully registered organizational psychologist in Australia and Hong Kong and BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Full Member. Typically, this is acceptable evidence for the majority of assessment centre exercise publishers.  Should any publisher require any further information or evidence, we shall be happy to reply to their emails or telephone calls on your behalf.

Candidates who do not pass the final competency exam will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  In this case, if contacted by an exercise publisher, we shall advise that you did not meet our stringent competency requirements, but you did attend a top quality 3-day training course in assessment centre design, running and follow-up.