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Pre-course Work for BPS RQTU Level 1 & 2

Delegates on our Psychometric Assessment at Work Course Level 1 & 2 must complete the pre-course work prior to attending the course. If you do not complete the compulsory pre-course work, you will not be admitted to the course and you will lose your payment!

Pre-course work approximate time requirements
Level 1: None
Level 2 Ability: 30 minutes
Level 2 Personality: 5 hours

Note that details about access to pre-course work will not be sent until your payment for the course has been cleared, so please ensure that you pay early in order to receive your pre-course work on time!

Assuming you have paid, but do not receive your pre-course work and learning centre access details 2 weeks before your course commences (1 week for online courses), please contact us immediately.