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Which Psychometric Tests am I qualified to use after the BPS Level 1 & 2 Training?

Our BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Qualification enables you to administer and score psychometric tests but does not qualify you to interpret test results, provide feedback to decision-makers and candidates or write up test reports.

Our BPS Level 2 Test User training is split into 2 categories of tests: Ability and Personality. After the Ability part of the course you will be qualified to administer, score, interpret and provide feedback on ability and aptitude tests and will be able to order most ability and aptitude tests on the market, including those sold at our website. After successful completion of the Personality part of the course you will be able to administer, score, interpret and provide feedback on a range of personality assessments. You will be accredited in the Identity Self-perception Questionnaire and able to use Quest Profiler.

Your BPS Level 2: Personality certification qualifies you to use the personality tests of other test publishers, whilst some may request that you undertake a one-day conversion course. Publisher requirements vary and hence we advise delegates to contact the publisher directly and ask them if BPS Level 2: Personality qualifies them to use that test. We have found over the many years we have been offering this course that most delegates prefer to stay with us and purchase tests from us given that we have the best psychometric tests and that there is nobody else in Singapore or Hong Kong with the same high level of knowledge and experience in psychometrics at work!