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What happens if I fail the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course?

Generally, delegates do not fail! This is a competency-based course. PsyAsia’s assessors need to see evidence of your competence in and understanding of Psychometric testing and related concepts. If you complete the pre-course work, read the course manual, do the homework and apply yourself fully during the course, the chances are, that at worst, we will simply ask you to complete some extra work to provide evidence of competence in areas that may be lacking. Our doctoral-level facilitator is highly experienced and will do everything he can to help you through the course provided you too are committed.  PsyAsia offers additional resources outside of the classroom to help you learn.  This includes an online learning center for all delegates and a delegate forum and live online group meetings for those on our online Supported Intake course. We are dedicated to your success, so as long as you are too, you will not fail!

NB: Please do not make any outside commitments during the course. This will ensure that you have ample time to reflect upon your learning and do the required homework and preparatory work.