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What is Leadership?

Leadership can be described as a process by which an individual exerts influence to direct, manage and motivate others to fulfill organizational goals. This is an important characteristic for key members of the organization as effective leaders facilitate the completion of organization goals, while ineffective leaders are unlikely to significantly contribute to the fulfillment of goals and may even exert negative impact on the process. 

Effective leaders are able to influence organizational success even beyond the attainment of organizational goals. They are able to identify and direct efforts to maximize the organization’s competitive advantages by thoroughly understanding the resources available to them as well as how best to utilize and manage these resources. Effective leaders are also capable of managing the diverse workforce within an organization. They have a keen understanding of the strengths and potential developmental areas of their subordinates and implement measures to allow them to fulfill their full potential. Finally, effective leaders are cognizant with how best to motivate the workforce within the organization and utilize different motivation approaches to meet the specific needs of the workforce. For example, some employees prefer to work in a collaborative manner while others may prefer more autocratic approaches. Effective leaders would recognize such situations and take the necessary steps to ensure ideal outcomes. 

Successful leadership is critical to the continued success of any organization and more and more organizations are becoming focused in efforts to identify and develop new leadership talent. In addition, with career mobility becoming the norm, organizations have placed more attention towards activities to retain the existing leadership talent within their organization. 

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