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My organisation uses unqualified psychometric test administrators, what should I do?

In order to administer any test you should be appropriately qualified or trained. Knowledge about appropriate test administration is crucial to gaining the most out of the test.  You should immediately try to stop or report the testing practice to your organisation or the test developer. It is not fair to the candidate being tested or to the organisation and is unethical as candidates might not be treated fairly. The information gathered from the tests administered should also be questioned and even discarded. Appropriate instructions might not have been followed, vital information may have been missed and an in-depth knowledge about the background of the testing procedure, and meeting several other administration issues might have been overlooked.

Informing the test administrator immediately and requesting them to stop administration is the first step to take.  It is important to provide unqualified test administers with information on how to get qualified and trained. PsyAsia offers a psychometric test administration course which qualifies individuals to be competent in psychometric test administration.