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Why use personality assessments?

With continued technological advancements and growing unemployment, the world of work is becoming an employer’s market. However, with a greater choice of available and interested potential employees, this does not mean that an employer is bound to select the most appropriate one for a given job. In fact, given such an increased selection bank, it is even more important than ever that reliable and valid tools that are able to discriminate between the most potentially-effective employee and the one who will not fit the job or who will be unlikely to stay or will upset the current team atmosphere etc. An employer, on the other hand also needs to remain attractive, both internally and externally to potential and current employees. One way of doing this is to have a well designed system of continual development that benefits both the employee and the organisation. For both of these scenarios, personality assessment is an objective and scientifically-proven tool that is able to contribute to the validity and successful outcome of the process.