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Online Psychometric Assessment at Work Course – BPS Level 1 & 2 – Learning Modes

Our Modes of Online Learning for BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU Course / Psychometric Assessment at Work Training

Independent Mode #

This is a discounted option for those who prefer to learn principally at their own pace. We offer two payment plans for this Mode:

Up-front (full) Payment #

Provides 90 days of access to EACH Level of the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course that you have signed up for. A generous additional discount is available for registering for all 3 Levels up-front. In this case, you will receive a 90-day enrollment in Level 1 initially. Once you have completed that, we will add a 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Ability, and once that is complete, we will add your 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Personality. Access will remain available to the Levels you registered for until one year after receipt of your payment. You need to upload your portfolio of work to our secure server within the 90-day period for each Level. Work will be marked and the student will be advised of the outcome within 30 days of us receiving the portfolio. If students require help, additional fees will be applied.

Subscription Model #

For students on our subscription model, we do not have any deadlines during the learning component. However, once your work has been marked, you must adhere to any rework deadlines given to you.

Supported Intake Mode #

Our Supported Mode has two sub-options:

Express Supported Mode #

This mode of our online psychometrics training offers psychologist-supported training over 6 full days. Students log into our event app from where they play our professionally recorded videos at the allotted time. The psychologist is logged in throughout the entire 6-days and will answer questions within the event app as well as at multiple daily group webinars where we also practice and receive feedback on newly learned psychometric skills. Following the training, students have a further month to complete their portfolio of work before uploading to our secure server for assessment.

Extended Supported Mode #

The online course will commence on the published date and, each week, new Course Modules will be released. The Modules will comprise a number of training videos. Having watched these videos, you can then participate in our online forums with the other students of your intake to discuss the content and learn from each other and you can attempt our self-review quizzes to test your learning. Course tutors will log into the forums at least once per week and will either respond to the questions by reply or use the questions to guide weekly webinars to cement learning and practice new skills in small groups. As you move through each week of the course, you will complete various parts of your workbook and assessed practical exercises. You will then upload your portfolio of work to our secure servers for assessment.