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What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric test is a measure of a psychological construct (such as personality or aptitude) that has been constructed according to psychometric principles. In addition, the test should be administered, scored and interpreted in a standardised manner. Psychometric principles means that the test was developed in the following manner:

Constructed according to a valid theoretical rationale

Items (questions) developed on the basis of that rationale and in order to assess the construct the test purports to measure

Trialing of items

Analysis of the items for reliability and other statistical properties

Refinement of the items on the basis of the analysis

Re-trialing of the items

Further analysis and retrial ling as necessary to provide a reliable scale

Validation research to ensure that the test constructs measure what they purport to measure and to assess whether the test can also predict meaningful outcomes such as performance

Standardisation and development of a norm group for comparative purposes

Writing up of all of the above in the test’s technical manual.