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Why do people avoid performance appraisals?

Performance appraisal is designed to help individuals and organizations improve performance. By conducting an annual appraisal, individuals are able to communicate with others, standards can be monitored, expectations and objectives can be agreed upon, and individual training needs can be established. However, sometimes individuals (e.g. managers and appraises) do not like appraisals. This is because they might feel that it takes too much time and effort. The process of performance appraisal might be viewed as an additional administrative responsibility. The entire process can also be emotionally challenging because individuals have to receive comments which they might not like, and some management might not want to provide negative information. Some negative comments might also be avoided because people might fear negative consequences. If individuals are not comfortable and willing to receive (and provide) feedback, then the purpose of performance appraisal is not met.  All of these factors should be considered during the implementation of an appraisal system. Those involved should be educated to understand that appraisal is about development and ensuring that the organisation’s needs and objectives are met by appropriately developed employees. Appraisal should therefore not be seen as a negative experience, rather more like a workout in the Gym. Proper training is required on the part of the apraisee to reflect such an attitude towards appraisal.